Traditionally, acquisitions, sponsoring or commissioning were considered core domains of publishing, a sacred in-house activity, and beyond the scope of service providers.

Vijay Nicole pioneered turnkey content development in 1997 as an affiliate of Vikas Publishing House. Over 600 projects were completed in a span of 7 years.

As a content development specialist, Vijay Nicole has worked on over 1000 book projects at the higher education level and about 100 school level book projects. The range of content formats includes textbooks, thesis, conference proceedings, monographs, journals and magazines.

Vijay Nicole specializes in content development services as follows:

  • Supplementary and Pedagogical Resources: Includes various forms of assessments, cases, caselets, application exercises, teachers’ manual, solutions manual, quizzes, chapter-opening vignettes, boxed highlights and all other pedagogical features at the higher education (college) and school levels.
  • Custom Publishing: Syllabi-specific books based on curriculum requirements.
  • Adaptation: Adapting the book to suit syllabi requirements.
  • Content Creation: Content on general topics, courseware, self-help, health, life-style, quiz, puzzles and like areas.