Vijay Nicole is a content company that operates in three domains including educational publishing, publishing services and learning.

The name Vijay Nicole was conceived by its founder, PK Madhavan, as a win-win harmony. Vijay, his first son’s name means victory, and Nicole, which has its origin from Nicholas, also means victory.

Vijay Nicole started in 1997 as an affiliate of Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi with its unique service of content acquisitions and turnkey content development, editorial, typesetting and related pre-press services. About 600 book projects were completed in a span of 7 years.

In 2004, Vijay Nicole started publishing under its own brand. Vijay Nicole has published over 300 titles with primary focus on college level textbooks in commerce, management, computer science, engineering and ELT.

The domain of services offered by Vijay Nicole include turnkey content development of textbooks, courseware adaptations, pre-press services, production management, self-publishing, digital publishing and publishing consultancy.

Vijay Nicole has trained over 300 proofreaders, about 150 copy-editors and more than 50 typesetters since inception. It has conducted workshops on acquisitions editing and editorial project management.

Vijay Nicole has embraced digital technology in all spheres of its operations and has major tie-ups and partnerships with online retailers, and technology companies.