International Economics

This textbook on International Economics is designed to address the syllabi requirements of all major universities. The text combines clarity with ease of understanding and present the concepts in a simplified fashion.

Author(s): Aryamala T

Chapter 1 Introduction to Foreign Trade
Chapter 2 International Trade – An Evaluation
Chapter 3 Foreign Capital, Foreign Aid and Economic Development
Chapter 4 Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments
Chapter 5 Foreign Exchange and Exchange Rate
Chapter 6 Exchange Control
Chapter 7 Trade Policy
Chapter 8 International / Regional Economic Integration
Chapter 9 Tariffs
Chapter 10 Quota
Chapter 11 Dumping, Anti-Dumping and Cartels
Chapter 12 Export Management
Chapter 13 Export Procedures and Documents
Chapter 14 Export Promotion
Chapter 15 Export Pricing
Chapter 16 Export Finance
Chapter 17 Letter of Credit
Chapter 18 Euro-Dollar Market
Chapter 19 International Trade and Financial Institution
Chapter 20 WTO and Trade Liberalisation
Chapter 21 New Economic Reforms

Exhaustive coverage of topics such as Theories of Foreign Trade, Balance of Trade / Payments, and Foreign Exchange
Includes detailed chapters on Export Management, Export Procedures / documents and Export Finance
Export Pricing, Promotion, Finance, Procedures and Documents, Export Management
Dumping, Anti-Dumping Cartels, Quotas and Tariffs
In-depth coverage of Exchange Control, Foreign Exchange and Exchange rates
Includes topics such as Euro Dollar Market, Letter of Credit
Includes end-of-chapter review questions.

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  • Published: 04 October 2021
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