Financial Accounting

This book on Financial Accounting reckons for students from diverse walks of life and different boards of study. Accordingly, it adopts a simplified, student-friendly approach taking care to present simpler, smaller problems first before moving on to advance and tougher problems and their solutions.

Author(s): Murugadoss K, Jaya M, Charulatha V, Baskar D

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Journal and Ledger
Chapter 3 Trial Balance
Chapter 4 Rectification of Errors
Chapter 5 Subsidiary Book
Chapter 6 Cash Book
Chapter 7 Final Accounts
Chapter 8 Depreciation Accounting
Chapter 9 Non-Trading Organisatons
Chapter 10 Bank Reconciliation Statement
Chapter 11 Fire Insurance Claims
Chapter 12 Single Entry System or Accounts from Incomplete Records
Chapter 13 Branch Accounting
Chapter 14 Departmental Accounting
Chapter 15 Hire Purchase System
Chapter 16 Partnership
Chapter 16A Reconstitution of Partnership by Admission of a Partner
Chapter 16B Reconstitution of Partnership by Retirement of a Partner
Chapter 16C Reconstitution of Partnership by Death of a Partner
Chapter 16D Dissolution of Partnership Firm
Chapter 17 Accounting Standards

a. Concise but adequate theory.
b. Step by step approach to problems.
c. Graded problems (and solutions) under appropriate headings in both illustration and exercises.
d. Questions from previous year question papers.
e. Formats, tables, and charts to help students understand concepts.

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  • Published: 15 July 2021
  • Edition: 2
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