Portfolio Management for UG Students

Perhaps, the first undergraduate level textbook based on syllabus, this book is designed to address the requirements of undergraduate students of commerce and management and provides a crisp and clear text on Portfolio Management, theory and framework.

Author(s): Gurusamy S

1. Investment – An Overview
2. Financial Securities –An Overview
3. Portfolio Management – An Overview
4. Portfolio Manager
5. SEBI Regulations
6. Time Value Of Money (TVM)
7. Introduction To Fundamental Analysis And Technical Analysis
8. Portfolio Management Framework
9. Portfolio Theory
10. Introduction To Risk And Return
11. Portfolio Diversification And Portfolio Risk And Return
12. Valuation Of Financial Securities
13. Derivatives And Stock Index Futures
14. Wealth Management

      • Authoritative text on the subject.
      • Covers problem-oriented chapters such as Time Value of Money and Risk and Return with numerous solved and self-practice problems.
      • Succinct coverage of Portfolio Management, steps to Portfolio Analysis and Portfolio Theory.
      • Covers Derivatives, Futures, Swaps and Options adequately.
      • Has a separate chapter on Wealth Management.

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  • Published: 02 July 2018
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9788182095458
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  • Pages: 320