Programming in C

This book, Programming in C, with its emphasis on programming basics and reader-friendly text, has been designed to address the requirements of undergraduate students who learn the subject in their curriculum and it covers the syllabi of all major universities.

Author(s): Sasi Kala Rani K

Chapter 1 Introduction to C Language
Chapter 2 Declarations in C
Chapter 3 Operators and Expressions
Chapter 4 Input and Output Operations in C
Chapter 5 Decision Making and Branching
Chapter 6 Looping and Control Structures
Chapter 7 Arrays
Chapter 8 Character Array and Strings
Chapter 9 User-Defined Functions
Chapter 10 Pointers
Chapter 11 Structures and Unions
Chapter 12 Preprocessor Directives
Chapter 13 File Management in C
Chapter 14 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
Previous Year Question Papers

– Crisp and clear text
– Explains concepts in an easy-to-understand style from simple to complex topics with emphasis on programming basics.
– Extensive coverage of core chapters such as Arrays, Strings, Functions, Pointers and Decision-making.
– Incorporates adequate number of solved example programs for each topics with a step-by-step approach with comments.
– Pedagogical features include summary, review questions and programming exercises
– Includes latest university question papers.

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  • Published: 11 June 2018
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9788182095441
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