Corporate Accounting – Vol I 3e

This book, with a crisp and clear text on the principles and practices of Corporate Accounting, is designed to address the requirements of undergraduate students of commerce and covers the syllabi of all South Indian universities.

Author(s): Palaniappan R

Chapter 1    Share capital: issue, forfeiture and reissue of shares
Chapter 2    Redemption of Preference Shares
Chapter 3    Debentures-Issue and Redemption
Chapter 4    Underwriting of Shares and Debentures
Chapter 5    Acquisition of Business
Chapter 6    Profit Prior to Incorporation
Chapter 7    Final Accounts of Companies
Chapter 8    Valuation of Goodwill and Shares
Chapter 9    Alteration of Share Capital and Internal Reconstruction
University Question Papers

  • Extensive coverage of topics on Share Capital, Redemption, Underwriting, Debentures, etc
  • Authoritative coverage of chapters on Final Accounts, Valuation of Goodwill & Shares and Alteration of Share Capital
  • Revised Schedule VI – New Format followed for problems wherever applicable
  • Incorporates detailed working notes and hints for illustrations
  • Illustrations and exercises are categorized and presented under appropriate heads
  • A wealth of objective type questions such as Fill in the blanks, True or False and MCQs to reinforce learning
  • Pedagogical features include:
  •            Over 200 illustrations
               Over 500 exercises
               Over 400 objective type questions
               Over 200 review questions

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    • Published: 03 May 2018
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