Essentials of Human Resources Management 2e

Comprehensive and student – friendly,this book Essentials of Human Resource Management provides broad coverage of all aspects of the subject. The book is targeted at B.Com, B.B.A, B.Com Corporate courses for students of all Universities.

Author(s): Sundar K

Chapter 1    Human Resource Management
Chapter 2    Job Analysis and Job Design
Chapter 3    Human Resource Planning
Chapter 4    Recruitment
Chapter 5    Selection
Chapter 6    Placement, Induction and Socialization
Chapter 7    Training and Development
Chapter 8    Performance Appraisal
Chapter 9    Career Planning and Development
Chapter 10   Promotion, Transfer and Demotion
Chapter 11  Compensation Management or Wage and Salary Administration
Chapter 12  Incentives and Benefits
Chapter 13  Employee Safety and Health
Chapter 14  Motivation and Morale
Chapter 15  Leadership
Chapter 16  Communication
Chapter 17  Social Security
Chapter 18  Employee Grievance
Chapter 19  Employee Discipline
Chapter 20  Collective Bargaining
Chapter 21  Absenteeism and Labour Turnover
Chapter 22  Workers Participation in Management
Chapter 23  Trade Unions
Chapter 24  Industrial Relations
Chapter 25  Industrial Disputes
Chapter 26  Quality of Work Life
Chapter 27  Organisation Development
Chapter 28  Conflict Management
Chapter 29  Stress Management
Chapter 30  Organization Development(OD)
Chapter 31  Conflict Management
Chapter 32  Organisational Change and Change Management
Chapter 33  HR Audit and Research
Chapter 34  Recent Trends in HRM &HRM in India
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  • Covers all aspects of HRM—includes topics on HR planning, recruiting, training, employees benefits and motivations
  • Special coverage on HR audit and research, stress management and quality of work life
  • Includes tables, charts and other pedagogical features to provide clarity to abstract facts
  • New to this edition
  • New chapters on Job Evaluation, Executive Development, Employee Welfare, Job Satisfaction and Recent Trends in HRM.
  • New topics on HRM environment, HRM in India, HRM as a profession, Employee Empowerment, etc.
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    • Published: 26 September 2017
    • Edition: 2
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