Vijay Nicole's Handbook of Softskills

Designed to cater to the syllabi requirements of all major universities, this book adopts a text-cum-workbook style approach and will help students learn career-oriented and employability skills.

Author(s): Board of Editors

Chapter 1    Ability to Listen and Document What You have Heard
Chapter 2    Reading and Comprehension
Chapter 3    Ability to Read and Follow Instructions
Chapter 4    Ability to Interpret and Transcode Information
Chapter 5    Asking for and Responding to Information
Chapter 6    Day-to-day Communication
Chapter 7    Spelling and Grammar
Chapter 8    Ability to Fill Out a Job Application
Chapter 9    Formal and Informal Conversation
Chapter 10  Non-verbal Communication
Chapter 11  Writing Skills

• Special focus on communication skills
• Crisp and compact coverage of topics
• Brief explanation of concepts and numerous examples
• Reemphasizing concepts through 'check your understanding' exercises
• Includes to-do activities pertaining to each chapter

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  • Published: 06 September 2017
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9788182095250
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