Operations Research, 2e

This book combines clarity of concepts with academic rigours. It adopts a step-by-step approach to learning concepts and solving problems in Operations Research. It is designed to demystify the subject, considered tough by students, and aims at ease of understanding and non-mathematical treatment of the subject.

Author(s): Gurusamy S

Chapter 1 Introduction to Operations Research
Chapter 2 Formulating Linear Programming Problem (LPP)
Chapter 3 LPP – Optimal Solution by Graphical Method
Chapter 4 Simplex Method – Simple Problems (For ≤ Type of LPP & for Slack Variable Case)
Chapter 5 Simplex Method – Advanced Problems (Optimal Solution Under Big-M Method or Penalty Method
Chapter 6 Duality in Linear Programming
Chapter 7 Transportation Problem (TP) – Initial Basic Feasible Solution
Chapter 8 Transportation Problem – Optimal Solution MODI – Modified Distribution Method
Chapter 9 Assignment Problem
Chapter 10 Game Theory
Chapter 11 Network Analysis
Chapter 12 Queuing Theory
Chapter 13 Replacement Models
Chapter 14 Simulation
Chapter 15 Inventory Models
Chapter 16 Decision Theory
Chapter 17 Investment Decision Analysis
Chapter 18 Statistical Quality Control
Chapter 19 Sequencing Problem

      • Comprehensive coverage of chapters on Assignment Problem, Network Analysis, Investment decision analysis.
      • Includes coverage of chapters on Game theory, Decision theory, Inventory models.
      • Presents step-by-step approach throughout to solve simple and complex problems.
      • Emphasis on demystifying subject – provides non-mathematical approach as appropriate.
      • Pedagogy rich – includes clear concepts, graded illustrations, necessary tables and figures, review questions, objective type questions and self-practice problems (with hints).
      • Two new chapters on Sequencing and Statistical Quality Control (SQC) have been added and given extensive coverage.

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  • Published: 08 January 2018
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