Principles of Management for Anna University R 2013 2e

The book covers the entire gamut of the subject Principles of Management. Targeted at the students of BE Anna University R 2013 of various disciplines (Aeronautical, Automobile, E&I, ECE, EEE, ICE, Mechanical, Mechatronics…) the book, in 36 chapters, is pedagogy – rich, comprehensive and student – friendly.

Author(s): Sundar K

Introduction to Management and Organisations
Chapter 1    Basic Management Concepts
Chapter 2    Evolution of Management Concepts
Chapter 3    Types of Business Organisation
Chapter 4    Organisational Culture & Environment Planning
Chapter 5    Nature and Purpose of Planning
Chapter 6    Classification Types of Planning
Chapter 7    Objectives
Chapter 8    Forecasting and Planning Premises
Chapter 9    Planning Tools and Techniques
Chapter 10  Decision-Making
Chapter 11  Policies
Chapter 12  Strategy Organising
Chapter 13  Organisation and Organisation Structure
Chapter 14  Types of Organisation
Chapter 15  Organisation Charts and Manuals
Chapter 16  Departmentation
Chapter 17  Authority and Responsibility
Chapter 18  Delegation and Decentralisation
Chapter 19  Job Analysis and Design
Chapter 20  Human Resource Planning (HRP)
Chapter 21  Recruitment
Chapter 22  Selection
Chapter 23  Training and Development
Chapter 24  Performance Management
Chapter 25  Career Planning and Development Directing
Chapter 26  Foundations of Individual Behaviour
Chapter 27  Group Behaviour
Chapter 28  Motivation – Theories Techniques
Chapter 29  Job Satisfaction Job Enrichment
Chapter 30  Leadership
Chapter 31  Communication
Chapter 32  IT Trends in Communication Controlling
Chapter 33  System and Process of Controlling
Chapter 34  Techniques of Control
Chapter 35  Budgetary Control
Chapter 36  Direct and Preventive Control
Chapter 37  Use of Computers and IT in Management Control
Chapter 38  Productivity Problems and Management
Chapter 39  Reporting
Question Papers Two Marks Questions with Answers
Glossary Index

  • Simple and student-friendly presentation
  • Complete coverage of Principles of Management, Introduction to Management and Organization, Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling
  • Include glossary of terms,about 400 Part A,250 Part B, and 175 Part C end of chapter questions
  • Provides summary chart,tables, flow chart and thematic diagrams for ease of understanding
  • More than 300 Fill in the blanks &300 Multiple Choice Questions
  • About 200 two-mark questions with answers at the end of book
  • Includes 9 previous year question papers
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    • Published: 14 September 2015
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