Technical English

Technical English is designed as per the latest syllabus of Anna University Regulations 2017. It adopts a text-cum-workbook style and addresses the requirements of engineering students with a view to develop their interpersonal and career-oriented skills.

Author(s): Sumant S, Joyce Pereira

UNIT 1 Vocabulary Development
1. Technical Vocabulary
2. Vocabulary Used in Formal Letter Writing
3. Sequencing Words
4. Misspelled Words
5. Finding Suitable Synonyms
6. Verbal Analogy
UNIT 2 Language development
7. Subject Verb Agreement
8. Compound Words
9. Impersonal Passive Voice
10. Numerical Adjectives
11. Embedded Sentences and Use of Clauses
12. Clause If Conditionals
13. Reported Speech
UNIT 3 Speaking
14. Asking for and Giving Directions
15. Describing Objects
16. Mechanics of Technical Presentations
17. Participating in a Group Discussion
18. Exchanging Suggestions and Proposals
UNIT 4 Reading
19. Reading Texts from Newspapers
20. Technical Texts and Identifying the Various Transitions in Text
21. Paragraphing
22. Speed Reading
23. Note Making
UNIT 5 Writing
24. Purpose Statements
25. Extended Definitions
26. Writing Instructions
27. Checklists
28. Recommendations
29. Interpreting Charts and Graphs
30. Describing a Process
31. Email Etiquette
32. Job Application – Cover Letter
33. Resume Preparation
34. Analytical Essays and Issue Based Essays
35. Writing Reports
36. Minutes of a Meeting
37. Accident and Survey
38. Writing Technical Articles
UNIT 6 Listening
39. Listening to Various types of Text and Gap Exercises
40. Characteristics of a Good Listener

  • Emphasis on topics on Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing as most end-of-semester examinations test students on these topics.
  • Clear coverage of topics including formal letter writing, job applications, resume preparations, analytical and issue-based essays,writing reports and so on.
  • Includes coverage of reporting on accidents and survey, interpreting charts and graphs, technical presentations and group discussions.
  • Special focus has been given to develop LSRW skills with real-life situations.
  • Each chapter has been supplied with numerous examples and exercises.
  • A wealth of practice set questions with answers from previous year exam question papers.
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