Indian Economy

This book, Indian Economy, covers the UG syllabus of Madras University in toto and also caters to the syllabi of all other major universities in Tamil Nadu and South India.

Author(s): Aryamala T

Chapter 1    Economic Development
Chapter 2    National Income
Chapter 3    Poverty And Inequality
Chapter 4    Unemployment
Chapter 5    Population
Chapter 6    Infrastructure
Chapter 7    Foreign Trade
Chapter 8    Planning In India
Chapter 9    Fifty Years Of Planning In India – Plan I To Viii
Chapter 10  Five Year Plans Of India – Plan Ix To Xii
Chapter 11  Agriculture In India
Chapter 12  Green Revolution
Chapter 13  Irrigation
Chapter 14  Land Reforms
Chapter 15  Food Problem – Security And Policy
Chapter 16  Industrial Development In India
Chapter 17  Large Scale Industries And Modernization
Chapter 18  Small Scale Industries
Chapter 19  New Economic Reforms
University Question Papers

  • Covers new economic reforms since 1991 including globalization, liberalization, privatization and
  • Elaborate treatment and coverage of Planning in India-covers 50 years of planning up to Plan VIII and Plans
         IX to XII in a separate chapter
  • The highlight of this book is that it is up-to-date and include the latest Twelfth Five-Year Plan 2012-2017
  • Succinct coverage and adequate presentation of topics on Agriculture and Industry.
  • Provides clear concepts of the chapter on National Income.
  • Other topics of importance include Green Revolution, Land Reforms, Transportation and Foreign Trade.
  •           Pedagogical features include
              End-of-chapter Review Questions
              Appropriate in-text tables and figures
              5 years Question Papers at end of book

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