Research Methodology in Business Management

This book is written to cater to the academic needs of the MBA students. The book will also be useful for all post graduates and research scholars as well to carry out their research projects. Split across 11 chapters, every aspect of Research Methodology has been given adequate coverage.

Author(s): Prabhu R, Raju T

Chapter 1    Research – An Overview
Chapter 2    Defining Research Problem (Research Question)
Chapter 3    Review of Literature
Chapter 4    Formulation and Testing of Hypothesis
Chapter 5    Research Designs
Chapter 6    Sampling Techniques
Chapter 7    Measurement and Scaling
Chapter 8    Collection and Processing of Data
Chapter 9    Data Analysis and Interpretation (Tests of Significance)
Chapter 10  Application of ANOVA and Chi-Square Tests in Project Work
Chapter 11  Interpretation and Report Preparation

  • A significant aspect of this book is clear examples alongside all conceptual explanations
  • Practical approach-research students can use this book to complete their research
  • Important topics in research including Research Design, Sampling, Data collection, Test of Hypothesis, Interpretation and Report writing covered in detail
  • Includes coverage of important topics like Research , Problem, Literature Review and brief explanation of plagiarism and copy right
  • Provides lucid and adequate explanation of SPSS,ANOVA,Chi-Square tests and Measurement and Scaling
  • Pedagogical features include chapter objectives,end of chapter review questions,appendices including sample questionnaire,glossary,etc..
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    • Published: 09 March 2017
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