Control Systems Engineering 3e AU R 2013

Control Engineering is a multi disciplinary subject and finds widespread application in the guidance, navigation and control of missiles, aeroplanes and ships, as well as in the process control industry. This book presents clear theoretical concepts reinforced by worked out numerical examples. It includes topics on Nyquist Stability Criterion, Signal Flow Graph, Root Locus Technique and comprehensive coverage on Control System Components.

Author(s): Palani S

Chapter 1    Introduction
Chapter 2    Mathematical Modeling Of Physical Systems
Chapter 3    Block Diagram Reduction Technique And Signal Flow Graph
Chapter 4    Time Response Of Feedback Control Systems
Chapter 5    Frequency Domain analysis Of Control Systems
Chapter 6    Stability Of Linear Control Systems
Chapter 7    Root Locus Technique
Chapter 8    Design Of Control Systems In Time And Frequency Domains
Chapter 9    State Variable analysis
University Question Paper

  • Includes Stability Analysis for Routh – Hurwitz criterion and Root Locus Techniques.
  • Frequency Response analysis for Nyquist Plot & Nichols chart.
  • Provides block diagram reduction technique, signal flow graph and State variable analysis.
  • Includes the concepts of feedback control theory.
  • Pedagogical features include
  • More than 200 example problems.
  • Numerous exercises and MCQ’s with answers.
  • Various exercises using MATLAB.
  • Six previous year question papers with answers.
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    • Published: 24 June 2016
    • Edition: 3
    • ISBN: 9788182094338
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