Environmental Science and Engineering

This inter-disciplinary book provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals as well as the latest topics in environmental science and engineering. The book is targeted at the students of BE Anna University R – 2013 of various disciplines (Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical etc ….)

Author(s): Raman Sivakumar

Chapter 1    Environment, Ecosystems And Biodiversity
Chapter 2    Environmental Pollution
Chapter 3    Natural Resources
Chapter 4    Social Issues And The Environment
Chapter 5    Human Population and the Environment
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  • Provides clear and crisp introduction to environmental issues, issues pertaining to natural resources, bio-diversity, ecosystems, pollution, environmental acts and social causes.
  • Covers various types of Natural Resources including – Forest, Water,Mineral, Food, Energy and Land.
  • Includes various social issues connected with environment along with Environment Protection Laws in India, population explosion and human health including HIV/AIDS are also discussed
  • Exposition on latest topics – Environmental Ethics, Consumerism,Green Chemistyr, Environmental Information System, Information Technology and Environment, Women and Child welfare etc…
  • ISBN : 9788182094116
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    • Published: 22 June 2016
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182094116
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    • Pages: 376