Financial Management 4e

The comprehensive first course textbook provides in depth coverage of the principles and practise of Financial Management.Now in its fourth edition, the book has its emphasis on conceptual clarity, lucid presentation and reckons for students from diverse backgrounds

Author(s): Periasamy P

Part I Introduction
Chapter 1    Financial Management—Nature and Scope and Basic Concepts
Part II Techniques of Financial Analysis
Chapter 2    Financial Statements—Analysis and Planning
Chapter 3    Statement of Changes in Financial Position
Chapter 4    Financial Statement Analysis—Ratio Analysis
Part III Long-term Investment Decisions
Chapter 5    Capital Budgeting—Principles and Techniques
Chapter 6    Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
Chapter 7    Analysis of Risk and Return in Portfolio Investments
Chapter 8    Sources of Long-term Finance—Shares, Debentures and Term Loans
Chapter 9    Financing from Capital Markets and Exports Financing
Chapter 10  Concept and Measurement of Cost of Capital
Chapter 11  Mergers, Amalgamations and Acquisitions/Takeovers
Chapter 12  Lease Financing
Chapter 13  Hire-purchase Financing
Chapter 14  Venture capital
Part IV Financial Decisions
Chapter 15  Operating, Financing and Combined Leverage
Chapter 16  Capital and Capitalisation
Chapter 17  Capital Structure Planning
Chapter 18  Designing Capital Structure (Approaches to Establish Target Capital Structure)
Part V Dividend Policy Decisions
Chapter 19  Dividend and Valuation
Part V Current Assets Management
Chapter 20  Working Capital Management—Nature and Scope
Chapter 21  Planning and Financing of Working Capital
Chapter 22  Management of Cash and Marketable Securities
Chapter 23  Management of Accounts Receivable
Chapter 24  Inventory Management
Chapter 25  Budgeting and Budgetary Control
Chapter 26  Reporting to Management

New to this edition

  • Expanded coverage of Time Value of Money-includes addition of simple and compound interest,present value,annuities
  • Presents coverage of Valuation of Securities
  • Addition of sub topics on Risk and Return Relationship, EBIT EPS Analysis, EBIT EPS Breakeven or Indifference analysis,Walter and Gordon’s Models
  • 135 new solved practical problems, 35 new chapter end questions and 24 new illustrations
  • New Chapter on Budget and Budgetary Control
  • Changes in financial practices updated
  • Other salient features
  • Elaborate treatment on Financial Statement,Working Capital Management, Capital Budgeting, Capital Structures, Capital Markets
  • Detailed coverage of Ratio Analysis,Dividend Policy,Risk Analysis,Inventory Management
  • More than 350 illustrations,200 practical problems with answers
  • Pedagogy rich glossary of terms,400 end of chapter questions
  • About 200 objective type questions with answers
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    • Published: 29 August 2015
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