Business Economics

This book Business Economics is comprehensive, clear, simple, and student – friendly. It is designed as an essential textbook for students of B.Com, B.B.A. and B.A. courses of all universities.

Author(s): Aryamala T

Chapter 1    Introduction to Economics
Chapter 2    Introduction to Business Economics
Chapter 3    Demand Analysis
Chapter 4    Elasticity of Demand
Chapter 5    Demand Forecasting
Chapter 6    Supply Function
Chapter 7    Theory of Consumer’s Behaviour
Chapter 8    Indifference Curve Analysis
Chapter 9    Theory of Production
Chapter 10  Cost and Revenue
Chapter 11  Market Structure
Chapter 12  Price Policy and Pricing Methods
Chapter 13  Price Determination under Perfect Competition
Chapter 14  Price Determination Under Monopoly
Chapter 15  Price Determination Under Imperfect Competition
Chapter 16  National Income and Inequalities of Income
Chapter 17  Business Cycle
Chapter 18  Inflation
Chapter 19  Theory of Distribution
Chapter 20  Wages
Chapter 21  Rent
Chapter 22  Profit
Chapter 23  Interest
Chapter 24  Public Finance
Chapter 25  International Trade
Objective Type Questions
Solved Question Papers

  • Clarity of concepts and simplified presentation
  • Exhaustive coverage of important topics like Demand and supply, Pricing and Theory or Distribution
  • Includes coverage of topics like National Income, Business Cycle, Inflation, Public Finance and International Trade
  • Pedagogy rich: Key concepts, glossary, review questions, solved university question papers and objective type questions with answers
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    • Published: 01 June 2013
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