Business Communication

This book Business Communication is designed as a textbook for students of commerce and management. It is comprehensive, has its emphasis on written communication, includes real-world examples, and is rich in pedagogical features.

Author(s): Sundar K

PART ONE: Communication foundations
Chapter 1    Nature and scope of business communication
Chapter 2    Process, Principles and Means of communication
Chapter 3    Flow of communication
Chapter 4    Non-verbal COmmunication
Chapter 5    Listening
Chapter 6    Barriers in communication
PART TWO: Business Correspondence
Chapter 7    Introduction To Business Writing
Chapter 8    Structure Layout Of A Business Letter
Chapter 9    Enquiries, Offers, Quotations And Tenders
Chapter 10  Orders, Their Execution And Cancellation
Chapter 11  Complaints And Adjustments
Chapter 12  Collection Letters Or Dunning Letters
Chapter 13  Sales Letters
Chapter 14  Circular Letters
PART THREE: Special Business Correspondence
Chapter 15  Bank Correspondence
Chapter 16  Insurance Letters
Chapter 17  Secretarial Correspondence
Chapter 18  Government Correspondence
Chapter 19  Agency Letters
Chapter 20  Letters Relating To Imports And Exports
PART T FOUR: Special Business Correspondence
Chapter 21  Reports – Structure And Layout
Chapter 22  Business Report Writing
Chapter 23  Proposal Documentation
PART T FIVE: Group Communication
Chapter 24  Group And Team Interactions
Chapter 25  Team Briefing
PART T SIX: Spoken Communication
Chapter 26  Essential Conversational Ability
Chapter 27  Public Speaking
PART T SEVEN: Technology – Aided Business Communication
Chapter 28  Internet / E-Mail / Web-Based Communication
Chapter 29  IT Trends In Communication
Chapter 30  Internal Communication
PART T EIGHT: Memos / Circulars / Notes
Chapter 31  Company Meetings, Agenda And Minutes
PART T NINE: Corporate Communication
Chapter 32  Internal Communication
Chapter 33  Public Relations(PR)
PART T NINE: Employment Communication
Chapter 34  Application Letter And Resume
Chapter 35  Employment Documentation
Chapter 36  Interviews
Review Questions
Glossary Index

  • Coverage includes topics on process of communication, business letters, reports, proposals, internet and email, web-based communication, memos, notes, circulars, team-based communication, resumes, public speaking, presentations and interviews. In all 36 chapters in 10 parts.
  • Includes 14 chapters on various types of business letters. Each chapter highlights purpose, importance, hints, strategic inputs and samples.
  • Provides elaborate examples of reports and proposals and their documentation.
  • All business writing chapters have real world examples, formats, tips, hints and process orientation.
  • Pedagogical features include introduction, summary, boxed examples, tables, charts, diagrams as appropriate, end of chapter exercises, objective type questions, and glossary.
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