Practical Auditing

This book Practical Auditing presents concepts in a simple fashion and is structured to help sudents understand the subject with ease. Designed as per the syllabi of all universities, it broadly covers the fundamental and advanced concepts in Auditing in 30 chapters.

Author(s): Sundar K, Paari K

Chapter 1    Introduction to Auditing
Chapter 2    Classification of Audit
Chapter 3    Techniques and procedures
Chapter 4    Audit Evidence
Chapter 5    Internal Control
Chapter 6    Audit Planning Preparation
Chapter 7    Internal Check
Chapter 8    Audit Engagement
Chapter 9    Internal Audit
Chapter 10  Vouching
Chapter 11  Vouching of Trading
Chapter 12  Vouching Impersonal
Chapter 13  Verification Valuation
Chapter 14  Verification of Liability
Chapter 15  Auditor of a Company
Chapter 16  Rights Power
Chapter 17  Professional Ethics
Chapter 18  Depreciation
Chapter 19  Reserves and Provisions
Chapter 20  Special Consideration
Chapter 21  Company audit
Chapter 22  Audit of Debenture
Chapter 23  Contingenies and Events
Chapter 24  Presentation of Financial
Chapter 25  Audit Reports
Chapter 26  Investigation
Chapter 27  Audit of Special Institutions
Chapter 28  Emerging Areas of Auditing
Chapter 29  Audit of Public
Chapter 30  Audit in Computerisation

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Simple and easy-to-understand
  • Includes coverage of Emerging areas of Auditing, Auditing of Public Companies, Special Institutions and EDP Auditing
  • Pedagogy rich: chapter objectives, tabular representation(whatever appropriate),end of chapter review questions of different types, multiple choice questions, other objective type questions
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    • Published: 06 June 2014
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    • ISBN: 9788182092136
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