Cost Accounting 2e

This textbook provides a clear exposition of the principles and practices of Cost Accounting. It adopts a solved problems approach and has numerous examples, worked out problems and questions and answers from university examinations. This book is pedagogy rich and includes varied end of chapter exercises.

Author(s): Murthy A, Gurusamy S

1. Cost Accounting An Introduction
2. Cost Sheet Tenders and Quotations
3. Materials
4. Labour
5. Overheads
6. Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts
7. Job Batch and Contract Costing
8. Output Costing
9. Operating and Operation Costing
10.Process Costing
11.Marginal Costing and Break Even Analysis
Latest University Problems and Solutions

  • New to this edition Short answer problems at the end of each chapter and Chapter-wise solved university questions at the end of the book
  • Coverage of topics on Cost Sheets, Tenders, Quotations, Materials
  • Comprehensive coverage on Marginal Costing and Break-even Analysis
  • Structured and systematic approach in solving problems
  • Adequate theory for conceptual understanding
  • Pedagogical features
  • • More than 900 solved problems
    • Numerous end-of-chapter exercises like objective type questions,theorectical questions
    • Practical problems with detailed answers
    • Hints practical problems

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    • Published: 24 May 2014
    • Edition: 2
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