Control Systems

This fundamental textbook on control engineering is designed to bridge the gap and strike a balance between theory and practice. The book has its emphasis on conceptual clarity, ease-of- understanding and lucid presentation. A significant highlight of the book is Mat Lab examples and simulations, and solved problems from university examinations and competitive examinations.

Author(s): Seshadhri S, Subathra B

1. Introduction to Control Systems
2. Block diagram reduction and signal flow graph
3. Time response analysis
4. Frequency response analysis
5. Stability concepts
6. Discrete data control systems and state space methods
7. Control systems components

  • Complete coverage of syllabus, including additional topics for conceptual clarity
  • Elaborate treatment and coverage of discrete time and state space analysis, compensator design implementation issues on PID controllers
  • Includes 370 solved problems organized in increasing order of complexity
  • Lucid explanation of topics on system identification, effects of feedback, response of higher order system and Z transform and process control
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    • Published: 07 May 2012
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182091948
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    • Pages: 738

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