Business Law 2e

This book is designed primarily to cater to the requirements of undergraduate students of commerce and management. It deals with contemporary topics like Provisions of the General Principles of Law of Contracts, Special Kinds of Contracts and Sales of Goods Act,1930. Relevant case laws are cited at the appropriate places. Live examples and illustrations are given for easy understanding.

Author(s): Balachandran V , Thothadri S

Chapter 1    Nature and Formation of Contract
Chapter 2    Offer and Acceptance
Chapter 3    Consideration
Chapter 4    Capacity of Parties
Chapter 5    Free Consent
Chapter 6    Legality of Object and Consideration
Chapter 7    Void Agreements
Chapter 8    Contingent and Quasi-Contracts
Chapter 9    Performance of Contracts
Chapter 10  Modes of Discharge of Contracts
Chapter 11  Remedies for Breach of Contract
Chapter 12  Indemnity and Guarantee
Chapter 13  Bailment and Pledge
Chapter 14  Law of Agency
Chapter 15  Formation of Contracts under the Sale of Goods Act, 1930
Chapter 16  Transfer of Property and Rights of an Unpaid Seller
Chapter 17  Value Added Tax
Chapter 18  Insurance
Chapter 19  Consumer Protection Act

  • Clear concepts and lucid writing style
  • Appropriate real life examples and case laws
  • Relevant tabular presentations and illustrations
  • Numerous end-of-chapter exercises including short answer, long answer, essay type, choose the correct answer, fill in the blanks, true or false
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    • Published: 04 March 2009
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