A Textbook of English Grammar and Usage, 2e

A Textbook of English Grammar and Usage has its emphasis on practical usage. It deals with conventional grammar topics such as sentences, clauses, phrases, parts of speech, nouns, pronouns, determiners, articles, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, tenses, prepositions and conjunctions. The book focuses on areas of usage that poses problems for learners of English as a Second language including articles, auxiliaries, subject-verb agreement, direct and indirect speech, conditional clauses, question tags, active and passive voice, short forms, tenses propositions and the like.

Author(s): Joseph K V

Chapter 1    Sentences, Clauses and Phrases
Chapter 2    Parts of Speech
Chapter 3    Nouns
Chapter 4    Pronouns
Chapter 5    Determiners
Chapter 6    Articles
Chapter 7    Adjectives
Chapter 8    Verbs
Chapter 9    Adverbs
Chapter 10  Some Common Adjectives and Adverbs
Chapter 11  Tenses and Their Uses
Chapter 12  Concord or Agreement
Chapter 13  Conditional Sentences
Chapter 14  Direct and Indirect Speech
Chapter 15  Active and Passive Voice
Chapter 16  Questions
Chapter 17  Clause Structure
Chapter 18  Prepositions
Chapter 19  Conjunctions
Chapter 20  Transformation of Sentences
Chapter 21  Synthesis of Sentences

  • Topics discussed in simple non-technical language
  • Ample illustrations for better understanding.
  • Deals with grammar taught at school and college level
  • Extensive index for additional ease of reference.
  • Plenty of practice exercises with answer key.
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    • Published: 23 June 2007
    • Edition: 2
    • ISBN: 9788182090965
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