Spoken English

This book Spoken English is a self-study guide to English conversation practice. It is designed to help you achieve fluency in English the international language of business and communication. The book includes formal and informal conversations involving various communication functions such as making enquiries/requests, greeting, introducing yourself, expressing gratitude, congratulating, requesting help, showing appreciation and the like.

Author(s): Jayashree Balan

Introducing Oneself
1. Introducing Others
2. At a Bank-I
3. At a Bank-II (Opening a Savings Bank Account)
4. At a Hotel Reception Hall
5. Helping a Friend Obtain a Rented Flat-I
6. Helping a Friend Obtain a Rented Flat-II
7. Helping a Friend Obtain a Rented Flat-III
8. A Discussion Between Two Friends
9. Booking Accommodation at an Outstation Hotel
10. Enquiring About Flight Arrivals DeparturesSchedules
11. Enquiry for Information about Samsung IIFA(International Indian Film Academy Awards)
12. Getting an Appointment for an Interview Over Phone
13. Fixing an Appointment for a Facial
14. At the Restaurant
15. Visiting a Doctor with One’s Parent
16. Attending an Interview
17. Visiting a Friend in the Hospital-I
18. Visiting a Friend in the Hospital-II
19. Present Water Crisis in Chennai
20. A Discussion Between Two Would-be Brides
21. Discussion Between a Brother and Sister
22. Attending a Career Guidance Fair-I
23. Attending a Career Guidance Fair-II
24. At the Library
25. About TOFEL
26. About Medical Transcription
27. About Call Centre
28. Options in Higher Education
The Way the American Spell
American Idioms
Words Commonly Confused
Computer Words
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