A Comprehensive Management Refresher

A Guide to test your management proficiency. One may find an objective book to excel in MBA Entrance Examination and Management Aptitude Test. But a book on Management Proficiency is a rarity to find. This book has more than 4000 Questions and Answers covering the gamut of management.

Author(s): Soundara Rajan SN

Section I Core Subjects
Chapter 1    Principles of Management
Chapter 2    Quantitative Methods in Business
Chapter 3    Organisational Behaviour
Chapter 4    Entrepreneurship
Chapter 5    Management Accounting
Chapter 6    Managerial Economics
Chapter 7    Production and Materials Management
Chapter 8    Human Resource Management
Chapter 9    Marketing Management
Chapter 10   Applied Operations Research (AOR)
Chapter 11   Computer Programming
Chapter 12  Financial Management
Chapter 13  Research Methods and Communication
Chapter 14  Business Policy and Strategic Management
Chapter 15  International Trade
Chapter 16  Management Information Systems
Section II Elective Subjects
Chapter 17  Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour
Chapter 18  Service Marketing
Chapter 19  Advertising Management and Sales Promotion
Chapter 20  Sales and Distribution Management
Chapter 21  Industrial Marketing
Chapter 22  Corporate Finance
Chapter 23  Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Chapter 24  Merchant Banking and Financial Services
Chapter 25  Tax Management
Human Resources
Chapter 26  Human Resource Development
Chapter 27  Industrial and Labour Relations
Chapter 28  Organisation and Methods
Chapter 29  Decision Support System
Chapter 30  E-Business Technology and Management
Chapter 31  Database Management System
Chapter 31  System Analysis and Design

  • Coverage of all management subjects.
  • Latest developments, current trends and concepts
  • Answers to all ‘What’, ‘Whens’, ‘Why’, ‘Hows’ about management concepts.
  • 4000 mutiple choice questions from 32 different management subjects.
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    • Published: 31 December 1969
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    • ISBN: 9789812650016
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