Smart Job Hunting

This book, provide the young job seeker with a holistic guide in job hunting. It covers areas stretching from searching for a job, making a resume, and ways to behave in an interview to oft-neglected areas such as networking and effective use of the internet. This book seeks to guide all sections of job seekers with attention to the challenges faced by freshers, retired people , women , and the differently- abled.

Author(s): Raju MS , Sulochana Devadas

Section I: Basics
1.Job Search
2.The Rise and Fill of a Job
3.Networking by the Job Seeker
4.The employers Perspective
9.Salary Negotiations
11.Representations and Self- appraisals
12.Senior Executive looking for a Job Change
13.A Special Guide for Women Job Seekers
14.If you are Disadvantaged
15.A Word for those who get rejected in an Interview

Section II :Advanced Job-hunt and Job-hunt on Internet

16.Equip Yourself for the Job-hunt
17.What to Do During the Lull
18.Temporary Employment
19.Resumes and Covering Letters- Advanced Tips
20.Making the Best Use of Computers
21.On-line Etiquettes and Tips
22. Further Tips on Interviews

Section III: Relaxed Readings and Tips

23.Site Seeing
24.Advanced Reading and Pearls of Wisdom
25.Job Sites
26.Placement Agencies
27.Job Fairs
28.Effective Browsing
29.In Lighter Vein
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  • Published: 22 February 2005
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9789812548566
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