VLSI Design 4E AU R 2017

This book is designed to address the syllabi requirements of the latest Anna University Regulations 2017. It presents concepts in a simple fashion and is structured to help students understand the subject with ease.

Author(s): Jose Anand

Chapter 1 – Introduction to MOS Transistor
Chapter 2 – Combinational MOS Logic Circuits
Chapter 3 – Sequential Circuit Design
Chapter 4 – Designing Arithmetic Building Blocks and Subsystem
Chapter 5 – Implementation Strategies and Testing

1. Clear concepts and extensive worked-out examples for learning reinforcement
2. Fundamentals of MOS transistors covered with adequate stick and layout diagrams
3. Comprehensive coverage of Combinational and Sequential Logic Circuits
4. Includes Design of Arithmetic Building Blocks, Memory Architecture, Control Circuits
5. Coverage on Implementation Strategies and testing, FPGA Building blocks, Design for Testability
6. End-of-chapter review questions
7. Recent university question papers included at the end of the book

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  • Published: 01 November 2019
  • Edition: 4
  • ISBN: 9788182095762
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  • Pages: 384