Assessment for Learning

Designed to address the requirements of students and teacher educators who learn this subject in their curriculum, this book fully covers the prescribed topics as per the latest regulations of NCTE.

Author(s): Dr. Devika R


â–ª Coverage of Basics in Assessment, Types of Assessment, Role of Assessment in learning.
â–ª Includes Behaviourist Model of Teaching and changing assessment practices in classroom situations.
â–ª Present the tools and techniques for classroom assessment relating to the cognitive and affective domains of the learner.
â–ª Includes coverage of types of test items and their principles of construction.
â–ª Coverage on Issues in classroom assessment and inclusive practices.
â–ª Reforms in Assessment, Examination Reform reports are discussed.
â–ª Includes text on Reporting Quantitative Assessment Data and related statistical measures with solved examples.
â–ª End-of-module review questions.

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  • Published: 08 September 2018
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9788182095526
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