Essentials of Principles of Management

Written in a lucid style, this book is designed to address the requirements of undergraduate students of commerce and management. It covers the B Com and BBA syllabus of all South Indian universities.

Author(s): Sundar K

Chapter 1    Basic Management Concepts
Chapter 2    Evolution of Management Concepts
Chapter 3    Social Aspects of Business
Chapter 4    Planning
Chapter 5    Classification of Planning
Chapter 6    Objectives
Chapter 7    Forecasting and Planning Premises
Chapter 8    Decision-Making
Chapter 9    Policies
Chapter 10  Strategy
Chapter 11  Organization and Organization Structure
Chapter 12  Types of Organization
Chapter 13  Supervision and Span of Control
Chapter 14  Departmentation
Chapter 15  Organization Charts
Chapter 16  Authority and Responsibility
Chapter 17  Delegation and Decentralization
Chapter 18  Directing
Chapter 19  Motivation and Morale
Chapter 20  Leadership
Chapter 21  Communication
Chapter 22  Coordination
Chapter 23  Control
Chapter 24  Techniques of Control
Previous Year Question Papers

  • In-depth coverage of essential concepts including planning, organising, directing, communication, coordination and control.
  • Extensive coverage on social aspects of business, decision-making and decentralization.
  • Memory charts to enable students remember key areas of management theory.
  • Mind-mapping techniques in some chapters summarizing the entire chapter in one chart.
  • Pictorial representation in the form of figures, tables and charts throughout the book.
  • Pedagogical features include chapter objectives, summary, glossary, objective type questions and previous year question papers.
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