Coffee Farming – An Experiential Learning

The entire gamut of Coffee farming is captured in a simple language with practical hints incorporated throughout the book.

Author(s): Raju T

Part I    The Basics
Part II   The Three ‘R’s of Coffee Farming
1. Rejuvenation
2. Regeneration
3. Retention
Part III   Topics of Topical Interest
Part IV   Random Thoughts [or Rational Thinking]

• The basics of coffee farming are explained step by step.
• All the field operations such as procuring seed coffee, land preparation, pitting, planting, manuring, pulping, etc. are detailed with practical hints.
• Effective management of bush, shade, weeds, pests and diseases are discussed elaborately.
• Includes coverage on high production and low cost technology, organic farming & calendar of operations.
• The Three ‘R’s of Coffee Farming–Rejuvenation, Regeneration, Retention – are discussed in-depth.
• Certain field operations which need a rethinking are explored at the end of text.

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  • Published: 23 February 2018
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  • ISBN: 9788182095298
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