Business Organisation

Author(s): Sundar K

Chapter 1    Introductory Business Concepts
Chapter 2    Business Foundations
Chapter 3    Evolution of Business
Chapter 4    Forms of Organisation
Chapter 5    Joint Stock Company
Chapter 6    Promotion and Formation
Chapter 7    Joint Stock Company Management
Chapter 8    Cooperative Organisation
Chapter 9    Public Utilities
Chapter 10  Public Enterprises
Chapter 11  Location of Industry
Chapter 12  Size of Business Units and Scale of Operation
Chapter 13  Small Scale Industries
Chapter 14  District Industries Centre (DIC)
Chapter 15  Industrial Estate
Chapter 16  Business Combinations
Chapter 17  Forms of Combinations
Chapter 18  Stock Markets
Chapter 19  Social Responsibilities of Business
Chapter 20  Multi National Companies (MNCs)
Review Questions

  • Includes a detailed introduction to business, profession, commerce, trade, business activities and business      risks.
  • Traces the evolution of business from barter to e-business
  • Comprehensive coverage of forms of organisation especially sole proprietorship, partnership, and Joint Hindu Family
  • Detailed coverage of Joint Stock Company
  • Succint coverage of cooperatives, public utilities and public enterprises
  • Highlights importance of location, size and scale of operation
  • Includes exposition on SSI, DIC, industrial estate and rationalisation
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    • Published: 12 August 2017
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