Microbiology Laboratory Manual

The first edition of the book Microbiology Laboratory Manual aptly stands out as a practical manual to address the needs of the beginners in Microbiology, Biotechnology, and other allied life science subjects.

Author(s): Abdul Jaffar Ali H

Chapter 1    Introduction to Laboratory Manual
Chapter 2    Basic Rules of a Microbiology Laboratory
Chapter 3    Basic Requirements of a Microbiology Laboratory
Chapter 4    Cleaning and Disposal
Chapter 5    Sterilization Techniques
Chapter 6    Transfer Techniques
Chapter 7    Preparation of Culture Media
Chapter 8    Cultural Characteristics of Bacteria
Chapter 9    Culture Techniques
Chapter 10  Staining Techniques
Chapter 11  Micrometry
Chapter 12  Isolation and Enumeration of Bacteria
Chapter 13  Biochemical Tests
Chapter 14  Bacterial Growth Study
Chapter 15  Motility Test
Chapter 16  Methylene Blue Reduction Test
Chapter 17  Microbial Assay
Chapter 18  Microbial Genetics

  • This manual consists of 18 chapters covering plethora of experiments that are widely used by Biotechnology and Microbiology students.
  • The procedure given for performing each experiment has been inclusive of recording data in practical notebook.
  • Each experiment is provided with concise and easy-to-pick format covering the objectives, basic principles, requirements, procedure, observation and result.
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    • Published: 30 December 2017
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