Integrating and Managing the Personal Shadow

For many of the ancient traditions and some psychological approaches the great obstructer of the inner development is fear; it generates insecurity; it pressures the searcher to decline his intentions and finally, in order to sleep peacefully, he assumes that retracting and not acting was smart, however he loses the opportunity to experience life. “If we understand that fears are just thoughts, we can free ourselves from them.”<br> Krishnamurti<br> These thoughts are part of the personal shadow. They destroy the possibilities of living and reduce our potential. This book explains the personal shadow and its effects on life. The bird’s meaning of life is flying, that’s why it has wings, the snake’s is to slither and therefore it has a body equipped for this movement. Likewise human beings possess divine potential and therefore, they need to develop that potential. Shadows affect the inner development.

Author(s): Isaac Jauli, Enrique Reig

Chapter 1    Introduction
Chapter 2    Anatomy And Functions Of The Shadow
Chapter 3    The Internal Structure Of The Human Being : Effect Of Light And Shadow
Chapter 4    Wisdom, Ignorance, Darkness…Shadow
Chapter 5    An Approach To Understanding The Shadow
Chapter 6    Knowing The Shadow
Chapter 7    The Shadow Of The Shadow And The Light Of The Light
Chapter 8    The Shadow In The Context Of Psychology
Chapter 9    Integrating And Administrating The Shadow
Chapter 10  An Alchemical Model To Face The Shadow

This book discusses the following:

  • Effect on inner development
  • Effects of management of light and shadow in human being such as wisdom, ignorance, darkness and shadow
  • Explanation of shadow effects through fables
  • Approach of shadow in psychology
  • Methods to know personal shadow and how to measure the effect of personal shadow in our lives?
  • Alchemy model to face the shadow
  • Transforming power of change
  • This book also presents ideas and schemas that combine science, philosophy and the ancient mystical traditions. It helps readers integrate their personal shadow and thus lead a fulfilling and productive life.
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    • Published: 12 April 2016
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