Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

This text provides an in-depth introduction to the theoretical framework of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management. This book has been written with a view to offer conceptual clarity in the subject and to demystify the concept of the art of investing. Targeted at the students of management and commerce, this book follows a student-friendly approach.

Author(s): Gurusamy S

Chapter 1    Investment – An Overview
Chapter 2    Financial Securities – An Overview
Chapter 3    New Issues Market (NIM)
Chapter 4    Stock Exchange and Trading
Chapter 5    Listing and De-Listing
Chapter 6    Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
Chapter 7    OTCEI, NSDL, STCE, Indian Stock Exchanges
Chapter 8    SEBI – Functions and Working
Chapter 9    Mutual Funds
Chapter 10  Risk and Return
Chapter 11  Time Value of Money (TVM)
Chapter 12  Time Value of Money & Resource Allocation
Chapter 13  Valuation of Financial Securities
Chapter 14  Derivatives and Stock Index Futures
Chapter 15  Fundamental Analysis
Chapter 16  Technical Analysis
Chapter 17  Portfolio Management – An Overview
Chapter 18  Portfolio Theory
Chapter 19  Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)
Chapter 20  CAPM and APM
Chapter 21  Wealth Management – An Overview
Chapter 22  Portfolio Return & Risk
Chapter 23  Sharpe Index Model
Chapter 24  Alternative Investments
Review Questions
Further Readings
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      • Comprehensive coverage on the varied segments of New Issues Market, Financial Securities, Stock Exchange and trading.
      • Dedicated chapters on Risk and Return, Time Value of Money and Resource Allocation.
      • Topics on Valuation of Financial Securities, Derivatives and Stock Index Futures, Fundamental and Technical Analysis have been given adequate coverage.
      • Extensive coverage of Portfolio Management and Theory, Efficient Market Hypothesis, CAPM and APM.
      • Includes up-to-date information on latest developments in accounting and taxation pertaining to Security Analysis and Investing.
      • Pedagogical features include:
        • Numerical problems solved using step-by-step approach.
        • End-of-chapter review questions categorized based on the level of difficulty.
        • Each chapter is supplied with a wealth of objective type questions namely MCQs, Fill in the blanks, True or False which would add value to the learning.

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