Engineering Mechanics

This text book is designed to suit the needs of the syllabus of the course Engineering Mechanics of Anna University R 2013 of various disciplines of engineering (Aeronautical, Automobile, Chemical, Civil, Marine, Material Science, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Production, Robotics).

Author(s): Balasubramaniam T V, Murugan R

Chapter 1    Basic Concepts and Units and Dimensions; Review of Vector and Vector Operations
Chapter 2    Statics of a Particle
Chapter 3    Statics of Rigid Bodies
Chapter 4    Central Points – Centroid, Center of Mass and Center of Gravity
Chapter 5    Moment of Inertia: Area and Mass
Chapter 6    Friction
Chapter 7    Kinematics of Particles
Chapter 8    Kinematics of Rigid Bodies
Chapter 9    Kinematics of Particles – Force Acceleration Approach
Chapter 10  Kinematics of Particles – Work Energy Approach
Chapter 11  Kinematics of Particles – Impulse – Momentum Approach
Chapter 12  Kinetics of Rigid Bodies

  • Boxed highlights bring out the importance of the principles in field applications
  • SI units used throughout the book
  • Include Fundamentals of Kinetics of Rigid Bodies
  • Clear concepts with appropriate Figures, Graphs, and Thematic diagrams
  • More than 200 chapters-end-short-answer questions
  • About 200 practical numerical examples and unsolved numerical problems
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    • Published: 04 November 2015
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