Digital Principles and System Design AU R 2017

This book Digital Principles and System Design provides the basic understanding of design and analysis of digital circuits with numerous solved problems.

Author(s): Sanjay Kumar Suman, Bhagyalakshmi L , Porselvi S

Chapter 1    Number System and Code
Chapter 2    Digital Circuit and Boolean Algebra
Chapter 3    Simplification of Boolean Functions
Chapter 4    Combinational Logic Circuits
Chapter 5    Flip-flops
Chapter 6    Synchronous Sequential Logic
Chapter 7    Registers and Counters
Chapter 8    Asynchronous Sequential Logic
Chapter 9    Memory and Programmable Logic Device
Two Marks Questions and Answers
Solved Question Papers

  • Overview of digital electronics concept
  • Thorough coverage of combinational and sequential circuits
  • Extensive coverage of asynchronous sequential circuit with appropriate diagrams and examples
  • Clear concepts with graphical representation and examples
  • About 132 two-mark questions with answers
  • Solved university question papers from 2009-2013
  • Summary, review questions and problems at the end of each chapter
  • ISBN : 9788182093812
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    • Published: 02 January 2014
    • Edition: 2
    • ISBN: 9788182093812
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