Operating Systems

This book Operating Systems by V. Sridhar is designed as per the Anna University syllabus for students pursuing their degrees in IT, CSE and EEE. Comprehensive, student-friendly and rich in pedagogy, it serves as a ready reckoner for students to quickly understand and grasp the fundamental concepts of Computer Operating Systems.

Author(s): Sridhar Vaidyanathan

Chapter 1    Introduction
Chapter 2    OS Design, Support Features – 1
Chapter 3    OS Design, Support Features – 2
Chapter 4    OS Modules and Services
Chapter 5    OS Structure and Development
Chapter 6    Process Context
Chapter 7    Threads
Chapter 8    Process Scheduling
Chapter 9    Process Synchronization
Chapter 10  Resource Management
Chapter 11  Memory Management
Chapter 12  Virtual Memory (VM) System
Chapter 13  File System (FS)
Chapter 14  Implementation of File System
Chapter 15  Storage System
Chapter 16  I/O System
Appendix I Case Study
Appendix II Questions and Answers
Appendix III Operating Systems Lab

  • Presents the gist of topics in the form of points unlike conventional textbooks
  • Numerous examples and solved programs have been attached
  • Diagrams with adequate mixture of text to make them self-explanatory
  • Keywords are highlighted using Italics/Bold fonts where applicable
  • Supplement theory with practical examples as mandated in OS Lab manual
  • Latest four year solved question papers attached at the end of the book
  • Case studies on Linux and Windows XP
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    • Published: 24 November 2014
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