Merchant Banking for UG Students

In the recent past, the teaching and practice of ‘merchant banking and financial services’ has become more challenging and exciting than ever before. In fact, contemporary developments in the realm of domestic and global financial systems have brought about a lot of changes and challenges to the management of financial services to the community of merchant bankers.

Author(s): Gurusamy S

Chapter 1    Merchant Banking-An Overview
Chapter 2    Merchant Banking-Regulatory Framework
Chapter 3    Public Issue Management (PIM)
Chapter 4    Marketing of Equity Shares
Chapter 5    Prospectus
Chapter 6    Underwriting Services
Chapter 7    Capital Market Instrument
Chapter 8    Depository Receipts
Chapter 9    Stock Exchange-An Overview
Chapter 10  National Stock Exchange (NSE)Chapter
Chapter 11  Over-the-Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI)
Chapter 12  M&A Advisory Services
Chapter 13  Portfolio Management Services
Chapter 14  Credit Debt Syndication Services
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