Engineering Thermodynamics Made Easy

Engineering Thermodynamics Made Easy is tailor-made for the Engineering Thermodynamics paper offered in mechanical, automobile and automation engineering courses. This book is designed for the Anna University affilated engineering colleges syllabus R-2013 and for courses of other Indian universities. The book is useful for competitive exams such as GATE UPSC engineering service and AMIE.

Author(s): Raju P. Pilla

PART 1    Basic Concepts and First Law of Thermodynamics
PART 2    Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy
PART 3    Availability Analysis
PART 4    Properties of Pure Substance and Steam Power Cycles
PART 5    First and Second Law Relations and ideal and Real Gas
PART 6    Psychrometrices
PART 7    Special Solved Problems (68 Nos.)
PART 8    Anna University Fully Solved Question Papers (25 Nos.)
PART 9    Anna University Fully Solved Two Mark Questions
PART 10  Objectivce Type Questions
PART 11  Special Question and Answers
PART 12  Anna University Fully Solved Latest Questions
PART 13  Additional 75 Questions and Answers
PART 14 Glossary of Some Important Terms

  • Student friendly book with clear instructional presentation of concepts
  • More than 280 solved problems obtained through the use of Steam Tables, Psychrometric Chart and the Mollier diagram.
  • Fundamental concepts are discussed with a friendly approach through 200 Review Questions with Answers which include new patterns like Hints to problem solving.
  • Numerous Anna University question papers have been solved with hint and quoted reference to sections inside chapters.
  • Rich pedagogy with objective type questions, solved problems and exercise problems with solutions in every chapter along with a separate section for Special Solved problems, latest Anna University Solved Question Papers, Solved Two Mark questions, Special Questions and Answers and Glossary of Important Terms
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    • Published: 21 March 2014
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182093676
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    • Pages: 672

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