Public Distribution Systems: Policies, Problems and Proposals

For policy makers, educationists and cooperators.

Author(s): Sivaji K

Chapter 1    Public Distribution System—An Introduction
Chapter 2    Origin and Development of Public Distribution System
Chapter 3    Administrative Mechanism for the implementation of public distribution system
Chapter 4    Institutional Arrangements for the Functioning of the Public Distribution System in Tamil Nadu
Chapter 5    Nature and Distribution of Commodities through Public Distribution System
Chapter 6    An Analysis on the Functioning of the Public Distribution System
Chapter 7    Findings, Conclusions and Suggestions

The Indian Public Distribution System (PDS) is considered the biggest or largest food security scheme in the world. This book Public Distribution System: Policies, Problems and Proposals present the functioning of universal PDS in Tamil Nadu. It highlights the role of cooperatives in the implementation of PDS. In addition, the book also offers solutions in the form of proposals after thoroughly analyzing the existing problems and policies. This book will be an indispensable reference for policy makers, educationists and cooperators.

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  • Published: 20 March 2013
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