Essentials of Entrepreneurship

This book combines well-researched theory and a practitioners view of entrepreneurship. Designed as per syllabus for Indian Universities, it consists of twenty chapters that cover all aspects from opportunity identification to growth strategies.

Author(s): Raj Shankar

Chapter 1    Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Chapter 2    Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Chapter 3    Introducing Entrepreneur
Chapter 4    Entrepreneurship Process
Chapter 5    Arriving at Business Idea
Chapter 6    Business Model
Chapter 7    Project Formulation Business Planning
Chapter 8    Ownership Structures
Chapter 9    Setting up a Company
Chapter 10   Funding the Start-up
Chapter 11   Support Organization
Chapter 12   Operations
Chapter 13   Sales, Marketing and Branding
Chapter 14   Growing the Business
Chapter 15   Financing for Grow
Chapter 16   Franchising
Chapter 17   Sickness and Rehabilitation
Chapter 18   Women and Entrepreneurship
Chapter 19   Rural Entrepreneurship
Chapter 20   Entrepreneurship Education and Research Caselets
Solved Question Papers

  • Contemporary and comprehensive textbook on Entrepreneurship
  • Covers entire gamut of Entrepreneurship from Entrepreneurship process, Ideation, Modelling, Funding to
      Sickness and Rehabilitation
  • Covers special topics on Rural and Women Entrepreneurship, Franchising, Entrepreneurship Education
      and Research.
  • Includes 6 caselets, solved question papers, chapter objectives and other pedagogical features
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    • Published: 17 June 2013
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182093454
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