Fundamentals of Insurance

This book comprehensively covers Insurance and its elements. Designed as per the syllabus for various Indian Universities, the book provides an elaborate treatment to the conceptual framework of Insurance.

Author(s): Periasamy P

Chapter 1    Nature of Insurance Business
Chapter 2    Re-Insurance and Double Insurance
Chapter 3    Classification of Insurance
Chapter 4    Essentials of Contract of Insurance
Chapter 5    Introduction to Life Insurance
Chapter 6    Classification of Life Insurance Policies
Chapter 7    Assignment and Nomination of Life Policies
Chapter 8    LIC
Chapter 9    Marketing of Life Insurance Business
Chapter 10  LIC and Financial Services
Chapter 11  Role of Development Officer
Chapter 12  Role of Insurance Intermediaries
Chapter 13  Banc Assurance
Chapter 14  GIC and the Role of GIC in India
Chapter 15  Nature of Marine Insurance
Chapter 16  Marine Insurance Policies and Claims
Chapter 17  Marine Losses and Abandonment
Chapter 18  Nature of Fire Insurance
Chapter 19  Types of Fire Insurance Policies
Chapter 20  Fire Insurance Claims
Chapter 21  Motor Vehicle, PA, PC and PG
Chapter 22  Health Insurance and Student Safety
Chapter 23  Agricultural Insurance
Chapter 24  Cattle Insurance, Poultry Insurance
Chapter 25  Fidelity Insurance and Property Insurance
Chapter 26  Legal Framework of Insurance
Chapter 27  IRDAInsurance Regulatory and Development Authority
Chapter 28  Role of Actuary in Insurance Business
Chapter 29  Major Players in Indian Insurance Industry
Chapter 30  Concept of Risk: An Overwiew

  • Designed as per syllabus of various Indian Universities for UG courses
  • Covers life, marine and fire insurance in detail
  • Provides elaborate treatment on conceptual framework of insurance
  • Includes coverage of bancassurance, insurance ombudsman, role of actuary, major players in Indian industry, etc.
  • Provides concise treatment of other miscellaneous insurance
  • Pedagogy rich—includes appropriate examples, review questions, tables and charts
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    • Published: 22 May 2013
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182093393
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