Romancing de Life

In this book Romancing de Life Live Smart Live a Royal Life Captain Subbu highlights the essence of embracing life and living it to the fullest. The author emphasizes that to lead a royal life the constraints are not money, background, time, luck or opportunities, but an attitude of the mind. In 151 snippets he outlines the path towards acquiring skills that lead to living a royal life. The book deals with learning, growth, attitude creativity passion confidence teamwork practice and more.

Author(s): Captain K R Subramoniam

1. Romancing Period
2. Life and Lifestyle
3. Make Life Simple The Slingshot Way
4. Surviving vs Living
5. Living a Life vs Leading a Life
6. Achievers
7. Complacent Life vs Contented Life
8. Power and Appl ication of Mind
9. Weakness of Mind and Mind Control The Housewife Attitude
10. Be Blank Under the Blanket
11. Royal Skills
12. Complete Personality vs Specialized Personality
13. Growth Busters
14. Growth Boosters
15. Achievement Triangle
16. Learning Have the Right Mixture of Knowl edge and Skill
17. Learning Limitations
18. Setting the Mind The Chick and Egg Story
19. Its Never Too Late Till One Becomes Late
20. Physical Fitness Mimicking the Mongoose Style
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  • Published: 11 June 2012
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 9788182093218
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  • Pages: 338