Legal Aspects of Business

Legal Aspects of Business is a complete course book on th subject. It covers the major laws governing business in ten parts and 40 chapters. The book retains all the winning ways of the authors’ earlier books in Business Laws.

Author(s): Balachandran V , Thothadri S

PART I    Introduction

Chapter 1    Introduction

PART II    Contract Law

Chapter 2    Nature and Formation of Contract
Chapter 3    Consideration
Chapter 4    Capacity of Parties
Chapter 5    Free Consent
Chapter 6    Legality of object and Consideration
Chapter 7    VOID Agreements
Chapter 8    Contingent and Quasi-contracts
Chapter 9    Performance of Contracts
Chapter 10   Models of Discharge of Contract
Chapter 11   Remedies for Breach of Contract
Chapter 12  Indemnity and Guarantee
Chapter 13  Bailment and Pledge
Chapter 14  Agency Law
Chapter 15  Formation on Contracts under the sale of Goods Act, 1930

PART III    Sale of Goods

Chapter 16  Transfer of Property and Rights of an Unpaid seller
Chapter 17  Partnership Act

PART IV    Partnership Law

Chapter 18  Partnership Act

PART IV    Company Law

Chapter 19  Nature of a Company
Chapter 20  Classification of Companies
Chapter 21  Formation and Incorporation of Company
Chapter 22  Memorandum of Association
Chapter 23  Articles of Association
Chapter 24  Prospectus
Chapter 25  Shares and Debentures
Chapter 26  Corporate Governance
Chapter 27  Company Directors
Chapter 28  Company Meeting
PART VI    Consumer Protection

Chapter 29  Consumer Protection Act 1986

PART VII   Negotiable Instruments

Chapter 30  Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

PART VIII   Direct and Indirect Taxes

Chapter 31  Introduction to direct and indirect taxes

Chapter 32  Value Added Tax
Chapter 33  Service Tax

PART IX    Intellectual Property Rights

Chapter 34  Intellectual Property Rights

Chapter 35  World Trade Organisation

PART X    Miscellaneous Legislations

Chapter 36  Arbitration and Conciliation

Chapter 37  Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999(FEMA)
Chapter 38  The Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992 (SEBI)
Chapter 39  Cyber Law and Information Technology Act
Chapter 40  Insurance Law

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  • Emphasis can clarity and simplicity in presentation
  • Numerous legal citations and examples
  • Pedagogy rich: End of chapter questions, objective questions, university questions, tabular information wherever appropriate
  • Coverage includes Cyber Laws & IT Act, Insurance, SEBI, FEMA, WTO, Central Excise, Customs Act, Sales Tax and VAT.
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    • Published: 08 August 2012
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