Advanced Computer Architecture 3e

This book Advanced Computer Architecture is designed for a one-semester advanced course targeted at readers with requisite knowledge of computer atchitecture & organisation. The book now in its 3rd edition is a best seller in its category and retains all the winning features of its previous editions.

Author(s): Parthasarathy K A

1. Instruction level Parallelism
2. Software and Hardware solution to ILP
3. Multiple Instruction Issue Processors
4. More of Multiple Instruction Issue Processors
5. Multiprocessors with shared memory architecture
6. Cache memory and its performance
7. Main memory and its performance
8. IO and their performance
9. Multi core architecture
10. Case study of multi core architectures
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ISBN : 9788182093126
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  • Published: 28 December 2012
  • Edition: 3
  • ISBN: 9788182093126
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  • Pages: 392