Electric Circuits and Electron Devices

This book Electic Circuits and Electron Devices deals with circui t analysis fundamentals, network theorems and transient analysis of RLC resonant circuits in one part. The other part consists of Semiconductor Theory, basic PN junction diode and special functoin diodes, transistors, power and optoelectronic devices. The book is designed as an easy to understand, studenty friendly book catering to students having a sandwich course on electric circuits and electron devices.

Author(s): Aby K. Thomas, Reeba Korah

1. Circuit Analysis Techniques
2. Transient Resonance in RLC Circuits
3. Semiconductor devices
4. Transistors
5. Special Semiconductor Devices

  • Clear concepts and step-by-step explanation.
  • Numerous examples and problems with solutions wherever relevant
  • Pedagogy rich content includes summary, answers to two-mark question, tagging of previous year question papers, end-of-chapter exercises
  • Includes coverage of special semiconductor devices in microwave and power electronics
  • Photo electric applications discussed in detail
  • Covers BJT and FET transistor.
  • ISBN : 9788182093102
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    • Published: 28 December 2012
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182093102
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    • Pages: 378

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