Discrete Mathematics 2e

Discrete Mathematics deals with mathematical structures that are not continuous and has wide applications in many areas of computer science. This book follows a step-by-step approach to learning theoretical concepts and reinforces learnt concepts through solved problems. The book is written primarily To suit the requirements of undergraduate engineering students of computer science and mathematics courses.

Author(s): Prabha B

1. Logic
2. Sets And Relations
3. Latices and Boolean Algebra
4. Recursive Functions
5. Algebraic Structures
6. Graph Theory
7. Finite Automata and Regular Languages
8. Turing Machines
9. Matrix Theory

  • New and elaborate chapters on Graph Theory,Finite Automata and Regular Languages,Turing Machines and Matrix Theory
  • Clean and distinct treatment and simple approach to difficult topics such as algebraic structures and lattices
  • More than 300 solved problems and 200 exercise problems
  • ISBN : 9788182092259
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    • Published: 23 August 2010
    • Edition: 2
    • ISBN: 9788182092259
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    • Pages: 386

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