Applied Integral Equations

Integral Equations arise naturally in engineering and Scientific applications modeled by initial value and boundary value problems. This book focuses mainly on the analytical treatment of linear integral equations of the first and second kind. The book will be of immense use to postgraduate students and research scholars of mathematics.

Author(s): Aloknath Chakrabarti

1. Occurances and Examples of integral equations.
2. Some special integral equations and their solutions.
3. integral equations of the second kind.
4. integral Equations with Symmetric kernels.
5. Singular integral Equations with Cauchy-type kernels.
6. On Numerical methods for integral Equations
7. Worked out problems

  • Treatment of the subject useful for beginners who possess a fundamental knowledge of functional analysis.
  • Illustrates application of integral equations in various fields of science and engineering
  • Numerous solved problems and exercises for practice
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    • Published: 28 April 2008
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182091580
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    • Pages: 274