Vijay Nicole's Vocabulary Builder & Word Power Guide

Vocabulary Builder and Word Power Guide is a useful guide for aspirants of competitive examinations. This book helps in mastering English language and helps to gain self-confidence.

Author(s): VN/IIP

Chapter 1    Section I    Vocabulary Essentials
Chapter 2    Section II   Vocabulary-Examples and Practice Tests
Chapter 3    Section III  Vocabulary-Practice Tests

  • Exhaustive list of commonly misspelt words, words commonly confused, redundancies, logies, isms, phobias, foreign phrases, plurals, similes and so on
  • Coverage of all kinds of vocabulary tests such as antonyms, synonyms, idioms, phrases, phrasal verbs, word substitutions, verbal analogy and spelling.
  • More than 60 useful rules on grammar and usage
  • ISBN : 9788182091542
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    • Published: 17 October 2006
    • Edition: 1
    • ISBN: 9788182091542
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    • Pages: 256

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